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Businesses and their on-line presence…

There are many local, home-based businesses in Horsham and we at Horsham Publications, deal with many new businesses too as well as those who are well-established.


However, in this day and age of technology and social media, it still amazes me how many advertisers have neither a website or social media presence.  I strongly believe that potential customers these days like to see some kind of presence on the web.  It looks like the business has some credibility and there are usually reviews of some kind, either on the website or even just on a Facebook page.


Far better when taking paper advertising to also have an on-line presence as well, so potential customers can look at a website or Facebook page after seeing the business in a magazine or newspaper.


There is so much competition for services too.  How many plumbers, gardeners, electricians and estate agents  for example, are there in Horsham alone?  I would say there are at least 20, if not 30, in each of these categories.


If someone is looking for this type of service, they want someone who is reliable and trustworthy.  Word of mouth has a lot to answer for, but with so many people moving to the area, many are going to rely on seeing a business their local magazine or newspaper, together with some kind of web presence.


A good answering message is vital too.  How frustrating for a potential customer to keep getting an answering machine or even worse, a BT answering message or standard mobile answering message.  These days, answering services provided with actual people answering the phone are very cost effective and far better for a person to answer the call to say there will be  a call back, than someone being frustrated by a voicemail and not even bothering to answer.


Not only do we help clients with their advertising and promotions, but we are here to give general business advice too.


Do give me a call, Julie on 01403 588618 or email on info@horshampublications.com to have a chat about how we can help.

Richard Milbourn is Editor and Publisher of Horsham publications which are three community magazine and business directories for Horsham and Southwater including Broadbridge Heath & Wickhurst Green. Delivering to over 27,000 homes and businesses, Horsham Publications is the only local publisher to deliver to every home door to door.