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Horsham Publications News

As you may be aware, Peter and I have two businesses, Horsham Publications and The Pets, Homes and Gardens Company. Both businesses have seen strong growth in the last couple of years, to the point where we would like to concentrate on only one. We are pleased to let you know, we have found a fellow magazine publisher to take over Horsham Publications.

Richard Milbourn owns Carnah Events Limited and already runs five magazines in the Banstead and Tadworth areas, so he is very experienced in the workings of this industry. He was essentially looking for a ready made business to run in this area, as he has family in Horsham.

Dee and Gemma in the office will be working from home as Richard is not keeping the office in Piries Place. Charlotte is going to be leaving Horsham Publications to concentrate on PHG with ourselves. Foundry Press will still be our printers and Clare will still manage the distribution. We feel very comfortable with Richard’s assurances that very little is going to change apart from a slight redesign of the magazines.

Richard says: “I have been working in media and publishing for over 30 years since my first job at Reed Publications in Sutton, Surrey. I am very excited to be publishing the only magazines in Horsham and Southwater to be delivered door-to-door and will be keen to maintain the community feel of the magazines.“

Richard adds, “Carnah’s strategy is to publish quality local magazines that serve the local residents and keep everyone informed of local life. The magazines have no political affiliations and are open to anyone in the locality to contribute news, views and articles. There will be gradual improvements in design and content and I welcome any feedback, comments and suggestions.”

In the 11 years of running Horsham Publications, we have grown the business from one magazine to three and increased circulation from 4,000 to over 28,000 homes and businesses. Carnah will use its experience and knowledge to grow the magazines and enable us to concentrate on our Pet Sitting business.

For those clients who pay via direct debit, we will be in touch separately to notify you that future payments will automatically be taken over by Carnah Events via Fastpay.

We’d like to thank you very much for all your support with the magazines, some advertisers having been with us since the beginning, and I am sure you will want to wish Richard well.



Richard Milbourn is Editor and Publisher of Horsham publications which are three community magazine and business directories for Horsham and Southwater including Broadbridge Heath & Wickhurst Green. Delivering to over 27,000 homes and businesses, Horsham Publications is the only local publisher to deliver to every home door to door.