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Moving to Piries Place…

Moving is often a stressful period, for whatever reason it is taking place. I feel it’s quite a British trait to fear change. That anxiety of what the consequences are or whether it could be a step too far. It is true; there is always a risk factor associated but, change is something though often can aid our forward momentum in our route through life. Taking the plunge is often something that can really work out for the better, despite the fact it may not seem that way initially.


We have been in our new offices in Piries Place for three months now and absolutely love it. Having made the jump across town, it is fair to say we haven’t looked back. There is a much more Horsham centric feel to this side of town and as much as our old offices at The Courtyard were ideally placed, we now feel we are in a perfect location in terms of our proximity to a lot of our clients. We were delighted to welcome so many people in to see our new abode at our official office opening and it was fantastic to see all the people that are part of the Horsham Publications story in this present day.


The move for us was a good chance to push the business in a new direction. I feel change in general does this. It gives you the ability to really revaluate where you are and where you want to be, a few years down the line. It’s all too easy to become settled and of course this is (to a certain extent) a nice position to be in. However you often find when you are in this position, before you’ve even had the chance to think, the years have flown by. As hard as it can be, it’s good to be constantly visualising this kind of scope in the back of your mind.


Embracing change really is one of the biggest cliché’ in the text book but I really do feel it is a mentality worthy of endorsement. Pushing through that comfort blanket we often carry with us, in order to reap the rewards. The opportunities often present themselves and it is a case of taking them whilst they are there in front of you.


Richard Milbourn is Editor and Publisher of Horsham publications which are three community magazine and business directories for Horsham and Southwater including Broadbridge Heath & Wickhurst Green. Delivering to over 27,000 homes and businesses, Horsham Publications is the only local publisher to deliver to every home door to door.