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The Effect of Social Media in Running a Successful Business

It is fair to say that we are well and truly into the age of social media. Having gone through the initial phase, where it wasn’t an essential part of your business, it now most definitely is. Globally, on average, we spend an incredible 3.5 hours daily on our social media platforms. With this in mind, we have readily succumbed to the social media revolution and feel it is really important for you to do so too, to allow your business to move to the next level.

It is anticipated that ‘social marketing budgets will double over the next five years’, a sign that some traditional marketing is being placed on the back burner for now. Additionally, the average business now uses ‘six social media platforms’ in its marketing strategy. We feel that is important for you, as a business, to integrate social media into your marketing plan if you haven’t already. By having an active and regularly updated social media presence, you will see a difference in the success (and progression) of your business and an increase in the amount of people you are able to reach out to.

According to a recent study by the Social Times, ‘80% of (Facebook) users prefer to connect with brands on Facebook’, a phenomenal statistic when you take into account Facebook now has over 1.4 billion profiles worldwide. This is 15% of the world population! We think by failing to dedicate some time to a social media presence, you may end up hindering sales, by missing out on a big customer demographic.

As much as old fashioned marketing will always be around, we feel that you are only able to maximise your profit margin by following the times. Some studies have even shown that ‘75% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions’. It is quite bizarre that so much of our opinion, as consumers, is based upon a platform that has only been around for a short period of time. However, it is apparent now that an online presence is becoming the firm basis of a good marketing strategy.

Richard Milbourn is Editor and Publisher of Horsham publications which are three community magazine and business directories for Horsham and Southwater including Broadbridge Heath & Wickhurst Green. Delivering to over 27,000 homes and businesses, Horsham Publications is the only local publisher to deliver to every home door to door.