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The worst cold!

This blog is nothing to do with advertising or business, but I’ve been trying to run the magazines whilst the following has just happened to me….

I am just getting over the most truly, shocking cough, cold and throat of my entire life.  A ‘real stinker’ as they (used) to say – or people may still use this expression!  My husband got it first, from where we do not know, and his was very ‘phlegmmy’ with a nasty cough and sneezing.   Mine was a bad version of everything!

In the past, so many times, if one of has had a cold (and it’s fairly few and far between), we’ve not necessarily passed it to each other, but boy, this time we really did.

I came down about three days later and it hit me hard.  We were both suffering together and just couldn’t believe it.  We did the normal thing of keeping ourselves ‘dosed up’ with paracetmol,  our ‘go to’ cough medicine, Covonia Original; honey and lemon; lots of rest, hoping it would clear in a few days.

It wasn’t to be….hubby had his for about 10 days and mine for 14!  Just terrible.  I even had to take a whole week off working in the office, I just didn’t want to give it to my colleagues.  I just about managed some emails at home so at least wasn’t burdening them with them.  One of my clients did turn up on the home doorstep one day with some leaflets for distribution though, and did catch me in my dressing gown!!

Afternoons were spent in slumber with the hope that I would feel better afterwards.  And a couple of times, I thought, this is it!  I’ve cracked it.  And then the bad night would come in, coughing and spluttering at 3am (and sometimes 5am!).  Husband and I even had to sleep separately as we were disturbing each other so much.  I was literally ‘flaying around’ in bed at night…the duvet was completely topsy turvy.

By about Day 7 for him, hubby was more or less back to his old self.  I did think, he can’t be that bad when he went out to play 18 holes of golf and then went out on the razzle til 2.30am.  Him feeling ill the next day wasn’t the cold, but the hangover!!

One day I was in the medicine cabinet checking up on supplies and came across some Sudofed for colds. I thought I’d better check the best before date and I’m embarrassed to say it was Sept 2006!!!  Good job I didn’t take that…

In the end I put up on Facebook how this was the worst cold that I particularly, had ever had.  The tips and suggestions came in thick and fast and I have to say, it was really lovely hearing from so many of my FB friends (advertisers included) who wished me well…cheered me up no end.  I even had a lovely ‘Simon’s cat’ video put into my feed which showed the owner having a cold and the cat annoying the hell out of him.  It reminded me of my dearly departed Carlo cat who died last year.  He would have been in my bed with me all the time and would have been a great comfort (she says, now looking up rehomes on the Burmese Cat Society website!!).

Amongst the many varied suggestions to help me get better were the following:

Gargle with water and TCP (it was yuk!)

Honey and lemon with a crushed clove of garlic

Broncostop pastilles to suck

Manuka honey at least at strength 15 (Check out the prices for this as some of the prices are horrendous!)

A teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of cider apple vinegar

Vicks on my feet

Chicken Broth


Hot toddy

A handout to boost my immune system by pressing certain parts of my body

And even Welsh air and a few good dog walks!

So next time we come down with the lurgy (and hope it won’t be for a good few years, if ever at all!), then we know exactly how to treat ourselves next time and hopefully get  better sooner.



Richard Milbourn is Editor and Publisher of Horsham publications which are three community magazine and business directories for Horsham and Southwater including Broadbridge Heath & Wickhurst Green. Delivering to over 27,000 homes and businesses, Horsham Publications is the only local publisher to deliver to every home door to door.