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Thinking of leafleting? by Carol Algar

Leafleting is a fantastic form of direct advertising, particularly for smaller businesses. It’s simple, affordable, targeted and results can be tracked more easily than other forms of advertising.

However, it’s worth getting it right and we have come up with some simple steps to ensure you get the best out of your leafleting campaign with us.

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Getting the Message Right

You have gone to the effort of writing the content, creating the design, printing the leaflets and paying for distribution, but what about the message? Many companies think it’s enough just to ‘tell’ prospects about their company, but what about the ‘sell’? What is going to make the recipient pick up the phone to you? Think of it like fishing, create a ‘hook’ for your leaflet and then reel the reader in! You might use an attention grabbing strap line, a powerful image or a special offer. This gets their attention. Then you can share why your services are different from your competitors and what you offer to exceed their expectations.

We offer a professional design service and have in-house copy writing expertise, so if you need advice, please do call us on 01403 258584.

Thinking Strategically

We appreciate budgets are limited and sometimes you want to test out leafleting before committing to a larger order. However, it’s important to ensure you do it properly. Leafleting in small numbers such as one or two thousand is fine, but this won’t always get you the best results from leaflet marketing. We often suggest picking a segment of the town/particular target market and then targeting the same recipients with two or three leaflets over a period of time. Once you have established what is and isn’t working it then gives you the tools to tweak and expand the campaign.

As we deliver door-to-door to all of Horsham and Southwater we have a great understanding of the roads and demographics within the local area. For an informal chat about who you are trying to target and how we can help, please call 01403 258584.

The Devil is in the Detail

The cost of printing leaflets is relatively small compared with the cost of distribution, so we never advise printing one-sided leaflets. It’s a wasted opportunity and that extra side enables you to further share with the reader what you offer. We also advise going for the best quality leaflet you can afford. Poorly produced leaflets can do more harm than good, so make sure your message is clear, effective and includes a call to action and your leaflets are well designed and professionally printed.

Delivering on a Promise!

Your leaflet is professionally presented, the message clear, with a great hook and you’ve even included a great special offer. The calls start to come in, but readers can’t reach you! We know running a small business means you can’t always pick up the phone, but ensuring that you provide a professional response to any new enquiries is imperative. We can help! We can provide a range of services designed to manage the responses you get from advertising, including a professional answering service (from an actual person and not automated!), geographical numbers (remember, many people prefer to buy local) and website optimisation.

We hope the above has been useful and helps you to create an effective leafleting campaign. We love a chat here at Horsham Publications and always welcome speaking with our clients, so if you have any queries please do pick up the phone or pop over to see us.

The Horsham Publications’ Team
Tel. 01403 258584
The Courtyard, 30 Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1SL

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